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Degree Programs and Areas of Interest


Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Biology - Degree Plan

The program leading to the Bachelor of Science in biology includes a core of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses. You must also meet the general education requirements for the university and for the College of Arts and Sciences. During the last two years of the program, your course work will become more specialized, concentrating in a specific discipline, such as botany, ecology, physiology, or zoology.

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology - Degree Plan

The department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology, which meets the criteria established by the American Society for Microbiology. The degree in microbiology prepares students for careers in agricultural, clinical, environmental, industrial, or medical microbiology employed by federal, state or private entities.

Bachelor of Arts - Degree Plan

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology is intended for students desiring a broad education with a core of essential biology courses. This option provides an excellent basis for careers such as scientific journalism, secondary education, and pharmaceutical sales.

Areas of Undergraduate Emphasis


Cell and Molecular Biology

Biology with interest in:

Conservation Ecology Minor
Conservation Ecology Major
Plant Physiology
Preprofessional Studies
Animal Physiology


    The department offers a minor in biology, which provides a useful complement to other majors. For example, civil and chemical engineering majors may find a minor in biology helpful. A student majoring in business could take a minor in biology to prepare for a career in a health-care industry. The department also offers minors in microbiology, human biology, and conservation biology.

    Biology majors are encouraged to select minors in such areas as agricultural science, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, psychology or molecular biology.

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