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N.M.S.U. Department of Biology Mailing Lists

The following lists are for dispersing information of general interest to members of the N.M.S.U. Department of Biology. Mail sent to any of these addresses will be forwarded to all members of the respective mailing lists. The links are maintained here for convenient access, but please do not abuse the privilege by posting gratuitous notices.

* All mailing list, which includes all members of the next three lists.
* Faculty mailing list
* Staff mailing list
* Graduate students mailing list
* Undergraduate majors mailing list
* Seminar announcements mailing list
* EcoLunch mailing list

If you wish to subscribe to one of these lists, send a message like the following to

Subject: leave the subject blank; it is ignored anyway

subscribe listname your_email_address

Of course, in the above you should replace both ``listname'' and ``your_email_address'' with the appropriate list and address, respectively.

In addition to the subscribe command, majordomo will accept a number of other useful commands.
Command Description
help information on majordomo and its commands
lists information on which lists are available
which information on which lists you are subscribed to
subscribe listname subscribe to a list
unsubscribe listname unsubscribe from a list

A single message can include any number of commands. An example message might be:


subscribe seminars

If you have any questions, problems, or would like to start a new mailing list, contact me for help.