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Microbiology Minor

The Microbiology minor is intended to provide academic recognition for students who emphasize microbiology courses. It is expected that students from several departments and colleges will take this minor. Examples include majors in Health Science, Medical Technology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Animal Science and Agricultural Biology. Students who receive the B.S. degree major in Microbiology may not receive this minor.

Students must complete at least 6 credits from the following courses that are not used as requirements towards their major(s). A grade of C- or better or S is required for all the courses applied toward the minor.

1) Required courses outside the department
BCHE 341, Survey of Biochemistry OR BCHE 395, Biochemistry (4 cr.)

2) Required courses within the department
BIOL 311, General Microbiology (3 cr.)
BIOL 311L, General Microbiology Laboratory (1 cr.)

3) Additional courses (a minimum of 10 credits) from any of the following:
BIOL 321, Microbiological Methods (2 cr.)
BIOL 412, Seminar in Microbiology (1 cr.)
BIOL 451, Physiology, of Microorganisms (3 cr.)
BIOL 472, Mycology (4 cr.)
BIOL 473, Ecology of Microorganisms (3 cr.)
BIOL 474, Immunology (3 cr.)
BIOL 475, Virology (3 cr.)
BIOL 477, Applied and Environmental Microbiology (4 cr.)
BIOL 478, Molecular Biology of Microorganisms (3 cr.)
BIOL 479, Medical Microbiology (3 cr.)
BIOL 479L, Medical Microbiology Laboratory (1 cr.)
BIOL 482, Microbial Systematics (2 cr.)