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Preparation for a life in biology...

Modern biologists must have a good background in mathematics, chemistry, and physics as well as biology. If you plan a career in any of the disciplines of biology, you should enroll in courses in these areas--especially mathematics and chemistry--while in high school. As a biologist, you will need to communicate not only with your professional and scientific colleagues, but also with the general public. High school course work in speech, composition, and literature helps to develop these necessary communication skills.

Some areas of biology use computers extensively; others make use of electronic devices. Computer literacy is a distinct advantage in all biological disciplines, and experience with analytical instruments is a valuable asset.



Early on in your studies at NMSU, you will want to seek advice on how to pursue your interests and goals, even before you declare a major (Biology or Microbiology) or minor (Human Biology, Conservation Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology). Getting to know faculty members is a great way to learn about a career in biology. However, the Biology Department also maintains an Advising Center in Foster Hall 107C, which is a great way to learn about the Department at the beginning of your academic studies. Advising Center staff will help you plan your schedule so that you take the right courses, in the right sequence, and finish your degree in a timely fashion. They can advise you are the requirements for admission into professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, etc. Information on internships, scholarships and graduate schools is also provided.

Current Advising Center hours are: Mon 10-1, Tue 8-12, 1-5, Wed & Thu 10-12, 1-3, and Fri 8-10. The center's phone number is 646-3298.


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