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Student Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Opportunities for experience in the field and in the laboratory are not limited to formal course work. The desert, grasslands, and mountains surrounding Las Cruces provide important areas for field study, and many students are involved in laboratory research projects. Participating in the Honors Senior Thesis Program allows undergraduates to work closely with faculty members on research and writing projects.

Students may also qualify for one of the research training programs that exist on campus. These programs provide financial support as well as excellent training opportunities. These programs include

Student Employment and Scholarships

Many biology students find employment in the research programs of faculty in the department. These jobs provide professional experience as well as financial support. Students whose grade-point averages qualify them for the Crimson Scholar Program can often find positions that require considerable responsibility and expertise. In addition, a variety of federally-funded programs offer undergraduate research fellowships. The NMSU Alumni Foundation sponsors the undergraduate research of outstanding students.

Students are encouraged to apply for Departmental Scholarships as well.

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