Developmental Advising Program


The Developmental Advising Program in the Biology Department is a 2-step process. Each Biology, Microbiology, and Conservation Ecology major must:

1. Meet with an Advisor in the Biology Advising Center
2. Meet with their Faculty Mentor

If you are a freshman, a new transfer student, or have recently declared Biology or Microbiology as your major, you are considered a new major. New majors will meet with their Faculty mentor in each of their first 2 semesters in the Biology Department. You must meet with your Faculty Mentor and the Biology Department Advising Center before you can register for classes for the next semester.

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior, you will meet with your Faculty Mentor once in each academic year. A registration hold will be placed on your student record in the fall of each year. You must meet with your Faculty Mentor and the Biology Department Advising Center within the previous 12 months in order to release the hold and be able to register for the spring semester.

Meeting with an Advisor

The Advisors in the Biology Department include Dr. Amy Marion and Dr. Jack Davis. In some semesters, there may also be a Graduate Assistant Advisor available to advise you. The Advisor will help you understand the course requirements for your major, the requirements for the College of Arts and Science, and the General Education requirements of New Mexico State University. Ultimately it is each student's responsibility to know the requirements for completion of their degree. A Biology Advisor can assist you with this and help you develop a successful degree plan.

Where is the Biology Advising Center?
The Biology Advising Center is located in Foster Hall room 204.  Room 204 is on the north end of Foster Hall (closest to the Horseshoe).

Do I need an appointment to see an Advisor?
No. You can come by whenever the Advising Center is open.

When is the Advising Center open?
The Biology Advising Center hours of operation are posted on the Advising Center homepage.

What if I have very few courses left to take or I already know all the courses I need?
We may be able to waive your requirement to meet with an Advisor. The advising requirement can be waived if you are (1) not a freshman and (2) have been a Biology, Microbiology, or Conservation Biology major in the Biology Department at NMSU for more than 2 semesters. To obtain a waiver, print a copy of your STAR Degree Audit and deliver it to a Biology Advisor. We will waive the requirement to talk to an Advisor for that semester. You must bring in a current STAR Degree Audit every semester that you want to waive the requirement to meet with an Advisor.
YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO MEET WITH A FACULTY MENTOR. The STAR Degree Audit only releases you from having to meet with an Advisor.

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