Lecture Outline for February 11, 2005


Topic: photosynthesis (part II)

Chapter 6 section 6.4

Figures used in lecture: 6.3, 6.5 through 6.12

Additional Resources

Carbon Reactions

Photosynthesis Overview


Key Words

In addition to the photosynthesis Key Words listed on the February 9th  lecture outline, you should also understand the definitions of: proton gradient, carbon reactions (carbon fixation), RuBP, Rubisco, PGA, PGAL


As we look more closely at the reactions of photosynthesis pay close attention to three things:

1. movement of carbon

2. movement of electrons

3. use or production of ATP energy


For photosynthesis, you should be able to:

1.  Identify the source of each reactant of photosynthesis and explain specifically when, where, and how it is used in photosynthesis.

2.  Explain specifically when, where, and how each product of photosynthesis is generated and how the plant uses that product.

3.  List the energy molecules required by the light-independent reactions and describe how and where they are produced.

 4.  Describe the cycle of reactions that incorporates CO2 into organic molecules.  You should be able to describe the first reaction of this cycle in detail including the reactants, products, and the enzyme.  You may summarize the remaining reactions of the cycle.

5.  Follow the path of one CO2 molecule from the atmosphere, into the plant, and through carbon fixation to the production of glucose.