Lecture Outline for February 16, 2005


Topic: cellular respiration, part 2

            (including electron transport chain and fermentation)

Chapter 7 sections 7.4, 7.5

Figures used in lecture: 7.9, 7.10, 7.13, 7.14

Additional Resources

Electron Transport Chain - animation



Key Words

Kreb's cycle, oxaloacetate, citric acid, NAD+, NADH, FAD, FADH2, proton gradient, ATP synthase, final electron acceptor, anaerobic respiration, fermentation, alcohol fermentation, lactic acid fermentation


As we look more closely at the reactions of cellular respiration pay close attention to three things:

1. movement of carbon

2. movement of electrons

3. use or production of ATP energy


You should be able to:

1.  Explain each of the metabolic pathways that makeup cellular respiration with regard to:

     a.  how each reactant is used

     b.  how each product is generated

     c.  the destination of each product (what happens to each product?)

2.  Explain exactly why aerobic organisms require O2 and what happens within the cellular metabolism if O2 is not available.

3.  Explain the process of anaerobic respiration that occurs in SOME organisms and SOME cell types.

4.  Explain the purpose of the fermentation reactions of anaerobic respiration.

5.  Compare the energy yield (in the form of ATP) of cellular respiration and anaerobic respiration.