Lecture Outline for March 30, 2005


Topic: introduction to plants

Chapter 22; some from all sections

Figures used in lecture: 22.2, 22.4, 22.6, 22.7, 22.8, 22.9, 22.11, 22.13, 22.16, 22.18

Additional Resources:

            Monocots vs Dicots


Kingdom Plantae

Define/explain: autotrophic, tracheids, non-tracheophytes, tracheophytes, non-seed plants, seed plants, gymnosperms, angiosperms, monocots, dicots, cotyledon, shoot system, root system, node, internode, leaf, blade, petiole, apical bud, lateral bud, meristem, apical meristem, lateral meristem, indeterminate growth, determinate growth


You should be able to:

1.  Describe the general characteristics of plants

2.  Describe the characteristics and give an example of each of the following types of plants:

A.  Nontracheophytes

            B.  Tracheophytes

                 1. Non-seed plants

                 2. Seed plants

                     a) Gymnosperms

                     b) Angiosperms

                         1) monocots

                         2) eudicots

3.  Explain how the evolution of tracheids contributed to the movement of plants to land

4.  Label or identify the following structures on a diagram of a monocot or a dicot: shoot, root, node, internode, leaf, blade, petiole, apical bud, lateral bud (NOTE: Some of these structures are not found on monocot plants.)


Today’s Lecture (3-30-05)

Animal tissue types

Introduction to plants


Characteristics of Plants





3.  autotrophic –








Evolution of Plants

Kingdom Plantae arose from green algae

            600mya –

            480mya –


            400mya –



Plant Diversity

A.  Nontracheophytes




B.  Tracheophytes








B.   Tracheophytes

            1.  Non-seed plants




            2.  Seed plants




                        a.) Gymnosperms




                        b.) Angiosperms



1.) monocot



2.) dicots



Monocots vs Dicots

                                                mono                di

Cotyledons                               1                      2

Leaf shape                                narrow             broad

Leaf venation                            parallel             net

Root system                             fibrous              tap

Floral parts                               3’s                   4’s or 5’s




Plant Growth

Plant growth occurs at meristems.


            1.  Apical meristem

                        a. shoot apical meristem

                        b. root apical meristem

            2.  Lateral meristems



Indeterminate growth:


Determinate growth: