Supplementary Data

Hughes, C. E., C. D. Bailey, and S. A. Harris.  2002.  Divergent and reticulate species relationships in Leucaena (Fabaceae) inferred from multiple data sources:  insights into polyploid origins and nrDNA polymorphism .  American Journal of Botany.

[cpDNA matrix]       [ITS matrix]

Bailey, C. D., M. Fain, and P. Houde.  In Review.  On Conditioned Reconstruction and Other Means of Recovering Fusion Genomes.  Molecular Phyologenetics and Evolution.  Submitted June 2005.

Rose Output - Raw Rose output prior to converting to gene presences absence data

Divergent Matrix - the seven divergent genomes without a fusion genome
Divergent Trees - e.g., the bootstrap topologies recovered from 1000 replicates

Traditional Matrix - e.g., all seven genomes, the fusion genome, and all character data
Traditional Trees

Conditioned 1 Matrix - e.g., conditioned with genome 1
Conditioned 1 Trees

Conditioned 2 Matrix
Conditioned 2 Trees

Conditioned 3 Matrix
Conditioned 3  Trees
Conditioned 5 Matrix
Conditioned 5  Trees
Conditioned 6 Matrix
Conditioned 6 Trees

Conditioned 2&3 Matrix
Conditioned 2&3 Trees

Conditioned 5&6 Matrix
Conditioned 5&6 Trees

Conditioned 2&5 Matrix
Conditioned 2&5 Trees

Conditioned 2&6 Matrix
Conditioned 2&6 Trees

Conditioned 3&5 Matrix
Conditioned 3&5 Trees

Conditioned 3&6 Matrix
Conditioned 3&6 Trees

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