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People of the Bailey Lab
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C. Donovan Bailey
Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D. Cornell University, 2000. Postdoc, University of Oxford 2000-2003.

Speciality: Plant systematics and evolution, molecular evolution, Brassicaceae and Leucaena (Leguminosae).


Former Postdocs

rao   diana        

M. Nageswara-Rao (Rao for short) Postdoc

Speciality: Population, ecological, conservation genetics; Genomics; Biodiversity, crop improvement; Biofuels; Stress resistance and related topics. Currently working on the Leucaena transcriptome project.

Diana Toups Dugas

Speciality: mRNA, miRNA, and informatics. Currently working on the Leucaena transcriptome project.


Current Graduate Students


Rubin Tamrakar
Masters Student

Speciality:Bioinformatics and Cheatgrass



Current Undergraduate Researchers


Rosie Balderrama-Marquez
Undergraduate Student

Speciality: Plant adaptation to gypsum and common garden experiments

Diana Sotelo-Gonzalez
Undergraduate Student

Speciality: Bioinformatics


Former Graduate Students


Christine Bacon
MS 2006

Speciality: Palm systematics. Christine has finished her Ph.D. with Colorado State and is currently on a postdoc with the Smithsonian.

Rajanikanth Govindarajulu
Ph.D. 2010

Speciality: Leucaena phylogenetics and population genetics. Raj is currently on a postdoc with Tia Lynn Ashmund's lab, Univ. of Pittsburgh.

Patrick Alexander
Ph.D. 2011

Speciality: Boechera systematics and Flora of the Southwestern US. Patrick is currently the curator of the NMSU Dept of Biology Herbarium (NMC). In June (2014) he will move to a full time position in conservation and land management with the Chicago Botanical Garden (but stationed in the Las Cruces, NM).

Lillis Urban
Ph.D. 2011

Speciality: Selenia and Leavenworthia (Brassicaceae) evolution and classification. Lillis is employed as an environmental consultant and botanical specialist in northern NM. In June 2014 she will take over as curator of the NMC herbarium.

Nabeeh   allison   Dave   David

Nabeeh Hasan
Ph.D Student 2012

Speciality: Population genetics in California Poppy and next generation sequencing. Currently a postdoc working on tuberculosis genomics and population dynamics with the University of Colorado Denver.


Allison Heneghan
MS Student 2013

Speciality: Bouteloua eriopoda (Poaceae) and Biology Education. Currently a Biology instructure with the Tierra Enchantada charter School in Santa Fe.


David Moran
MS student

Speciality: Boechera suffrutescens complex.


David Hernandez
MS Student

Speciality: Bacterial endophytes in Leucaena.

Alex   Vinavi  

Alex Abair
Ph.D Student 2012

Speciality: Phylogenetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Florisitcs. Currently a Ph.D. student with the University of Florida


Vinavi Lakshman
MS Student 2013

Speciality: Transcriptomics, Plant Insect interactions, and Leucaena psyllid interactions. Currently a Ph.D. student with U. of Georgia.


Former Undergraduate Students (Lab and Herbarium)


Sandy Cervantes

Abel Cortes

Kevin Delineas

Gabriella Escobar

Alison Fitzgerald

Rease Harker

Kelsi Painter

Harriet Piche

Jorge Porrata

Lisa Schauer

Dustin Taylor

Daniel Trujillo

Joshua Trujillo

Seal Ortega-Rodriguez

Lynsey Kovar

Noor Muhyi