William J. Boecklen

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Department of Biology

Department of Biology
New Mexico State University
PO Box 30001 Dept. 3AF

Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
Phone: (505) 646-2501

  • Director, Laboratory of Ecological Chemistry
  • Director, Mathematical Biology Program

Research Program

My primary research interests include:

Plant-Insect Interactions


Conservation Biology

Community Ecology

Statistical Ecology

Publications that represent the work I do:


Recent Publications:

La Sorte, F. A. and W.J. Boecklen. 2005. Changes in the diversity structure of avian assemblages in North America. Global Ecology and Biogeography 14: 367-378. pdf

La Sorte, F. A. and W.J. Boecklen. 2005. Temporal turnover of common species in avian assemblages in North America. Journal of Biogeography 32: 1151-1160. pdf

Yarnes, C. and W.J. Boecklen. 2005. Abiotic factors promote plant heterogeneity and influence herbivore performance and mortality in Gambel's Oak (Quercus gambelii, Nutt.). Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 114: 87-95. pdf

Yarnes, C. T., J. Rockwell, and W. J. Boecklen. 2005. Patterns of the trophic shift in d15N and d13C of a cynipid gall wasp community (Antron acraspiformis) in Quercus turbinella (Greene). Environmental Entomology 34: 1471-1476. pdf

Yarnes, C. and W. J. Boecklen. 2006. Trophic shift in d15N and d13C through galling arthropod communities: estimates from Quercus turbinella and Salix exigua. Pages 43-53, in Galling arthropods and their associates, Ozaki, K., Yukawa, J., Ohgushi, T. and Price, P. W. (eds). Springer-Verlag, Tokyo. pdf

Yarnes, C. and W. J. Boecklen. 2006. Abiotic mosaics affect seasonal variation of plant resources and influence the performance and mortality of a leaf-miner, Phyllonorycter sp., in Gambel’s Oak (Quercus gambelii, Nutt.). Ecological Research 21:157–163. pdf

Golinski, M. R. and W. J. Boecklen. 2006. A model-independent test for the presence of non-random structure and regulatory equilibrium in island species trajectories. Journal of Biogeography 33: 1566-1570. pdf

Yarnes, C.T., W.J. Boecklen, K. Tuominen and J-P. Salminen. 2006. Defining phytochemical phenotypes: size and shape analysis of phenolic compounds in white oaks (Fagaceae, Quercus Sect. Quercus) of the Chihuahuan Desert. Canadian Journal of Botany 84: 1233-1248. pdf

Yarnes, C.T., W.J. Boecklen, and J-P. Salminen. 2008. No Simple Sum: Seasonal variation in tannin phenotypes and leaf-miners in hybrid oaks. Chemoecology 18: 39-51. pdf

Yarnes, C.T., W.J. Boecklen, K. Tuominen and J-P. Salminen. 2008. Hybridization affects seasonal variation of phytochemical phenotypes in an oak hybrid complex (Quercus gambelii x Q. grisea). International Journal of Plant Sciences 169: 567-578. pdf

Golinski, M.R., W.J. Boecklen, and A. L. Dawe. Measurement of the two-dimensional fractal growth properties of the chestnut blight fungus, Cryphonectria parasitica: the effects of hypovirus infection. Journal of Basic Microbiology 48: 426-429. pdf

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