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The Faces of NMC
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Donovan Bailey, Ph.D
Curator (575)646-7012

Specialty: Brassicaceae, Leucaena

Rich Spellenberg, Ph.D.
Emeritus Curator (Volunteer)

Speciality: Quercus, Nyctaginaceae, Flora of the Sierra Madre


Patrick Alexander, Ph.D.
Adjunct Curator (Volunteer)

Specialty: Brassicaceae, Flora of NM, Ferns



Current NMC Students


Nabeeh Hasan
Ph.D Student

Speciality: Papaveraceae

Allison Heneghan
MS Student

Speciality: Bouteloua (Poaceae)

David Morin
MS student

Speciality: Boechera (Brassicacae)

Jeanne Tenorio
MS Student

Speciality: Reference materials.


Former Students of NMC


Lillis Urban
Ph.D Student

Speciality: Selenia and Leavenworthia (Brassicaceae)

Lisa Schauer

Speciality: Data Management

Christine Bacon
MS student

Speciality: Arecaceae