Label Data and Type Collections
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The collection data meticulously recorded on millions of herbarium specimens housed around the globe have tremendous value for many fields of biological research. Recent national databasing efforts now make much of this information publicly available for a wide range of uses (see our "Links" page for other databases relevant to New Mexico and the region).

As a result of many years of hard work by NMC students and curators, as well as funding made available to NMC through the National Science Foundation, the NMC collection database was completed in 2007. All of our data are available for viewing and download through the Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet). In addition, data for specimens from New Mexico are available through the New Mexico Biodiversity Collections Consortium website.

Type Collection: For type collections (holotypes and isotypes) the label data and a photograph are available through this webpage. An excel file with all type collection label data is available here. Through this file you can identify the photographic image file that corresponds to each specimen. To download/view the image insert the image name (e.g., "IMGP0958.JPG") into this web address: IMAGE NAME HERE

Example: If you are interested in the image file IMGP0958.JPG (which happens to be an isotype for Botrychium alabamense) you would enter the following into your web browser: