Who's Who in the Throop Lab

2012-2013 Lab Members

Dr. Heather Throop

Associate Professor

B.A., Carleton College
Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook
Postdoc, NOAA Climate & Global Change Fellow (University of Arizona)

CV (pdf)

Dr. Maria Bravo-Garza

Scientific Research Assistant
B.S., Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
M.S., University of Toronto
Ph.D., University of Toronto

Dr. Jennie DeMarco

B.S., Northern Arizona University
Ph.D., University of Florida

Daniel Hewins

Ph.D. Student
B.S., Rider University
M.S., New Mexico State University

Dan’s Web Page

Brenda Nieto
Ph.D. Student
B.S., University of Texas - El Paso

Jane Smith
Ph.D. Student
B.S., University of Colorado

Janice Easley
M.S. Student

Luis Duarte
Undergraduate Student
RISE Program

Natalie Gomez
Undergraduate Student
turn in a photo before you turn into a pumpkin

Melanie Peterson
HHMI undergraduate research scholar
NSF REU student

Katie Schwettmann
Undergraduate Student
turn in a photo before you turn into a pumpkin

Kendra Slown
Undergraduate Student

Dr. Walt Whitford
Resident Desert Guru
NMSU Emeritus Professor

Kaibab and Chesapeake Throop
Lab Bosses (on the rare occasions that they’re awake)

Research interest: behavioral ecology of Archilochus alexandri

Some of Our Lab Alums

Dr. Hanna Lee
Lab Alum
Postdoc 2009-2011

Now at National Center for Atmospheric Research

Dr. Kathy Whiteman
Ph.D. 2010

now Executive Director, Gila Conservation Education Center

Majd Abu-Salem
Lab Alum
M.S. 2011

Lisa Ebbs
Lab Alum
NMSU, BS 2009
now MS student at
University of Alaska-Anchorage

Jornada LTER-REU (2007)
HHMI Research Scholar (2007-2009)

Jesús Adrian Perez
Lab Alum
NMSU, BS 2009

Now MS student, Experimental Statistics, NMSU

Are you an unlisted lab alum? Send us a current photo and your whereabouts and we’ll add you to the list!

The Throop Lab employs and advises a small number of highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students. Check out our Information for Prospective Students.