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Dr. Donovan Bailey, New Mexico State University

As an evolutionary biologist focused on plant systems I am actively engaged in researching the evolutionary relationships among taxa, patterns of speciation and diversification, and the development of informative classifications. Over the last ten years these interests have focused increasingly on homoploid and polyploid plant hybridization as important forms of plant-plant and plant-human evolutionary interactions in both wild and semi-domesticated plant species.
A) Legume systematics, polyploidy, hybridization, and crop origins. NSF EF-0542228, PI D. Bailey, March 2006-2009.
B) A model system revisited: phylogenetic relationships and species limits among diploid taxa of Boechera (Brassicaceae). NSF DEB0817033, Lead PI D. Bailey with Co-PIs Michael Windham (Duke), Loreen Alphin (BYU), and Ihsan Al-Shehbaz (Mo. Bot. Garden). August 2008-2012
C) Advances in phylogenetic theory and the development of new tools for the study of genetic divergence in plant systems.

Dr. Colin Hughes, University of Zurich

Taxonomy - Monograph
Systematics – see literature resources
Leucaena domestication

James Brewbaker and Travis Idol, University of Hawaii

Leucaena breeding program
University of Hawaii Plantation populations of Leucaena

Max Shelton, University of Queensland, Australia

Tropical legume agroforestry with emphasis on Leucaena

Masakazu Fukuta, University of Ryukyus, Japan

Mimosinse degradation and sysnthesis pathways and enzymes

Dulal Borthakur, University of Hawaii

Mimosine biosynthesis and degradation Transformation protocols for Leucaena leucocephala