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Welcome to the Hanley Lab!

L-R: Erin S., Will, Kathy, Maria, Corey, Erin G., Tiffany, Rebecca

About the Hanley Lab
In the Hanley lab, we investigate the molecular biology, evolution and ecology of emerging RNA viruses like dengue and influenza, with the goal of using this basic knowledge to design better methods to control the spread of these dangerous pathogens.

We currently focus on six main avenues of research (see Projects link for more details):

Mechanisms of sylvatic dengue virus emergence.
Resolving the arbovirus dilemma: how do arboviruses counteract
   immune defenses of both hosts and vectors?.
Impact of RNA interference on dengue virus evolution.
Pattern and mechanism of competition among dengue virus
   serotypes and strains.
Ecology and host tropism of avian influenza in New Mexico birds.
Novel synergies for antiviral drug design.

Students interested in an inter-disciplinary approach to the
study of RNA viruses are always welcome to contact Dr. Hanley about research opportunities in her lab.

Lab News

June 2012
Will heads to the American Society of Microbiology meetings in San Francisco to present his work on the susceptibility of New Mexico mosquitoes to dengue virus.

May 2012
Rebecca and Kathy travel to Senegal to continue field research on emergence of sylvatic dengue virus.

Tiffany graduates from the Biotechnology Masters program and heads off to a Ph.D. program at University of Texas Medical Branch.  Good luck Tiffany!

Kathy and Elba Serrano co-host a RISE-sponsored symposium on “Health Disparities due to Infectious Diseases”.  Thanks to all our speakers and participants for a great symposium.

April 2012
Post-doctoral fellow Christy Andrade joins the lab.  Welcome Christy!

Kathy gives a research presentation to the Yale Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and also teaches a lecture in Yale’s Studies in Evolutionary Medicine course.

March 2012
Collaborator Bill Messer from University of North Carolina visits to initiate his studies on the determinants of mosquito infectivity in Sri Lankan dengue serotype 3 viruses. (And to go biking in lovely southern New Mexico!).

Most of the lab travels to the annual NM-INBRE meeting in Santa Fe to present research updates.

February 2012
The lab presents its work at the Rio Grande American Society of Microbiology (RGASM) meeting; Kathy becomes the President-elect of the Rio Grande chapter of ASM.

December 2011
Kathy reaches the end of a marvelous sabbatical leave in host Tom Scott’s laboratory at UC Davis. Sniff!

Erin and Kathy attend the American Society of Tropical Medicine meeting in Philadelphia; Erin presents her work on the impact of RNA interference on dengue virus evolution.

May 2011

Undergrad students Kellie, Will and Tiffany all graduate (see photo of the party and the apparently drunk chicken). Kellie has now entered a Ph.D. Program in Virology, Division of Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University, Will has joined the Hanley lab as an M.S. student in Biology, and Tiffany has joined the NMSU Biotech Masters and is currently doing her internship in the Hanley lab.

Kellie receives multiple awards, including a Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Scholarship and the 2011 New Mexico State University 1919 Award; you go girl!

Kathy receives a Plaque of Appreciation for Teaching Excellence.• Kathy and Jeff Arterburn (NMSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department) are awarded an R21 grant from NIH to investigate A new synergy for flavivirus therapy: RNAi enhancement and viral mutagens

Meredith is awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scientific Teaching Fellowship – congratulations Meredith!• Kathy is awarded a Distinguished Career Award from the NMSU University Research Council for Exceptional Achievements in Creative Scholarly Activity.

March 2011
A review entitled The fever from the forest: Prospects for continued emergence of sylvatic dengue virus by Nik Vasilakis, Jane Cardosa, Kathy Hanley, Eddie Holmes, and Scott Weaver is accepted for publication in Nature Reviews Microbiology.

Kathy gives an invited talk on Intra-host virus dynamics at a National Center for Evolutionary Synthesis catalysis meeting on The evolution of infectious diseases: Integrating empirical and modeling approaches.

Corey travels to the Glycobiology Training Center at UC San Diego to learn fixation and staining techniques from Dr. Miriam Cohen in Dr. Pascal Gagneux’s lab.

February 2011
Kathy is awarded a Karush Library Fellowship to spend 6 weeks at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory over the summer conducting library research. Lobster rolls anyone?

The lab, in conjunction with the NMSU Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program, will host Dr. Paul Ewald, noted scholar of the evolution of disease and Kathy's undergraduate mentor.

January 2011
Dr. Meredith Brown, DVM, Ph.D. joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow.

Kathy is awarded a pilot program grant from the Tulane National Primate Research Center to study replication of sylvatic dengue virus in a natural primate host.

A paper by Ebenezer Tumban, Dana Mitzel, Nyree Maes, Chris Hanson, Steve Whitehead and Kathy Hanley entitled “Replacement of the 3’ untranslated variable region of mosquito-borne dengue virus with that of tick-borne Langat virus does not alter vector specificity” is accepted for publication in Journal of General Virology.  Ebenezer completed his Ph.D. in the Hanley lab, Nyree completed her M.S. in the lab, Dr. Mitzel is a collaborator at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute and Mr. Hanson and Dr. Whitehead are collaborators at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

December 2010
Kathy travels to Senegal to conduct field research on sylvatic dengue virus.

November 2010
Kalli Lambeth, a Hanley student who received her M.S. in Biology in Summer 2010, is hired by Sapphire Energy. Congratulations Kalli!

October 2010
Kathy is invited to speak at a special symposium in honor of George Williams on Evolutionary Medicine at the 2011 Evolution meeting.

August 2010
Howard Hughes undergraduate scholars Jeff Avila and Erin Garcia and undergraduate researchers Will Johnson and Kellie Jurado join the lab. 

July 2010
Graduate student Corey Jefferson spends the summer doing a research internship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory with Drs. Jeanne Fair and Mark Jankowski.


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