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Open Positions

The Hansen lab is currently accepting applications from graduate students as well as motivated undergraduates that want to work with us.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

A NIH-funded postdoctoral research position with full benefits is available in the Molecular Vector Physiology Laboratory at New Mexico State University. The primary objective of this position is the characterization of mosquito amino acid transporters and associated signaling networks. See here for more information! Contact Immo Hansen at immoh@nmsu.edu if interested, and apply here!

For Graduate Students

I am looking for potential Graduate students who understand my research interests, have read my publications, and have their own ideas as to where my research efforts should be directed. Individuals applying to my laboratory do not have to be experts at the molecular biology, genomics, or bioinformatics techniques that we utilize day to day, but they must understand the theory behind them and their application. These individuals must also work well with a diverse group of young scientists and work extremely hard to finish their NMSU research education.

All graduate students are required to complete and submit internationally recognized Journal article before graduation from my laboratory!

A Masters thesis should generate at least one first author publication.

A Ph.D. thesis should generate at least three first author publications.


Graduate students can apply to work in my laboratory through the Biology Department, or through the NMSU Graduate Program in Molecular Biology.

Please contact me directly (phone, skype or via e-mail) while applying!

All students: When you contact me please add a statement (not more than one page) on your scientific interests and why you want to work in my lab. This is your chance to show me the level of your interest in my research and demonstrate some creative thinking (copying and pasting from this homepage won't help you).

For Undergraduate Students:

I encourage all NMSU undergraduates (with GPA 3.25 or higher) to get "hands on" training in the sciences.

An undergraduate project tends to be part of a larger whole, but I make sure to include credit for their work in presentations and publications.

How far you go in my laboratory depends solely on your individual work ethic and leadership.

Immo A. Hansen
Dept of Biology
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces,
NM 88003-8001
(575) 646-7719