Immo A. Hansen
Dept of Biology
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces,
NM 88003-8001
(575) 646-7719

NMSU Department of Biology

About NMSU

About Las Cruces, New Mexico

Our Collaborators

We are excited to collaborate with truely outstanding scientists on various projects (in alphabetical order):

Geoffrey Attardo, Ph.D.
Yale School of Public Health
Project: Tsetse genome annotation

Joshua Benoit, Ph.D.
University of Cincinnati
Project: Tsetse aquaporins

Dmitri Boudko, Ph.D.
Rosalind Franklin University
Project: Mosquito amino acid transporters

Sang-Yeon Cho, Ph.D.
NMSU School of Electrical Engeneering
Project: Nanosensors for pathogen detection

Kathryn Hanley, Ph.D.
NMSU Biology Department
Project: Mosquito pathogen susceptibility

Lawrence Hunter, Ph.D.
UC Denve
Project: Fat body knowledge network

Peter Piermarini, Ph.D.
Ohio State University
Project: Malpighian tubule molecular biology

Alvaro Romero, Ph.D.
NMSU Entomology
Project: Bedbug transcriptomics

Jacob Urquidi, Ph.D.
NMSU Physics Department
Project: Mosquito SIT

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