Immo A. Hansen
Dept of Biology
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces,
NM 88003-8001
(575) 646-7719

NMSU Department of Biology

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Principal Investigator

Immo HansenDr. Immo A. Hansen
Principal Investigator (CV PDF)
(575) 646-7719
Ph.D.: University of Wuerzburg
Post-doctoral work: University of California, Riverside, University of Konstanz

The overarching focus of my lab is on finding new ways to control vector-borne diseases. We study the molecular physiology of disease vectors to find novel ways to control them.

Laboratory Manager

anaYoungStacy Rodriguez, M.S.


I am working on many different things :)

Graduate Students

anaYoung Kristina Gonzales
Graduate Student

Modern mosquito control strategies require the rearing of large numbers of mosquitoes in culture for continuous release over an extended period of time. Anautogenous mosquitoes require essential amino acids for egg production which must be obtained through the digestion of a protein-rich meal. Current laboratory rearing practices utilize live vertebrate hosts or vertebrate blood as a protein source, however, this method is costly and not practical in a field environment. Using preliminary results I have formulated an artificial blood meal for the culture of Aedes aegypti, the yellow fever mosquito. The goal of my graduate work is to test the efficacy of my artificial blood meal to determine if it supports egg production and viable offspring. The long-term goal of my project is to replace vertebrate blood in mosquito mass culture. My research provides a broader understanding of how adult mosquito nutrition impacts egg production, egg viability, and the ability of mosquitoes to acquire and spread disease.

anaYoung Yiyi Li
Graduate Student

I’m working on bioinformatics, including sequence alignment, gene networks, and statistical analysis.

anaYoung Soumi Mitra
Graduate Student

I am working on amino acid transporters.

Undergraduate Students

anaYoungJulia Vulcan

I am working on expressing Aedes aegypti cationic amino acid transporters (CATs) in yeast.

anaYoungHae-Na Chung

I am working on cooling and compaction.

anaYoung Alora Garibay

I am working on mosquito amino acid transporters.

anaYoung Justin Dearing

I am working on expressing mutant cationic amino acid transports in Xenopus oocytes in order to research the effect of the mutation on the function of the transporter.

Former Lab Members

anaYoungDr. Hitoshi Tsujimoto

anaYoungIvana Rodriguez

anaYoungAditi Kulkarni

anaYoungLavesh Bathia

anaYoungDr. Anthony Clemmons

anaYoungDr. Lisa L. Drake

anaYoungDr. David P. Price

anaYoungFlorence Schoderbek

anaYoungAlyson Banegas

anaYoungMargarita Wells

anaYoungSarah Aguirre

anaYoungHannah Drumm

anaYoungVictoria Carpenter

Our Lab

May 2017: Immo Hansen, Alora Garibay, Kristina Gonzales, Hae-Na Chung, Justin Dearing, Soumi Mitra, Julia Vulcan, Stacy Rodriguez, Emily Moore, Margaret Rogers-Kowalski, Deborah Souza, Yiyi Li.

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