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The NMSU Department of Biology Herbarium (NMC) contains over 70,000 collections representing Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, Bryophtes and even a few Fungi (particularly rusts). NMC is New Mexico's oldest herbarium with collections dating back to the mid 1800s. As a result, NMC is rich in important historical collections, including over 700 type specimens (holotypes and isotypes used to describe new species).

Our mission is to 1) manage and care for the collection, 2) distribute information derived from the collection, 3) train students in the importance of herbaria and herbarium management, and 4) promote interest in plant biology related research.




Herbarium News



As of June 2014 Dr. Lillis Urban has been hired into a position as Postdoctoral Curator of NMC. Welcome Lillis.

As of June 2014 Dr. Patrick Alexander, former curator, has moved on to a full time position shared between the BLM and University of Chicago. Congratulations Patrick.

New Species described/recognized through research at NMC:

Geranium dodecatheoides P.J.Alexander & Aedo

Heuchera woodsiaphila P.J. Alexander

Leucaena zacapana (C.E. Hughes) R. Govindarajulu & C.E. Hughes


Rich Spellenberg's second edition Falcon Guide is out! Sonoran Desert WIldflowers.

See the "useful links" page for information on new releases by Jack Carter and Kelly Allred!

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