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  Visiting NMC

Researchers: NMC welcomes research visitors to the collection. Because our curator, is 5% time and not immediately in the collection at all times, please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements. In general it is best to make arrangements with Donovan Bailey ( at least 24 hours prior to visiting the collection. Unrestricted access may be obtained after a minimal orientation. The collection includes working space, materials, and dissecting microscopes for most herbarium related research needs.

Plant Enthusiasts and School Groups: Tours for groups of native plant enthusiasts and schools are welcome, but please make arrangements at least one week beforehand. Please contact Donovan Bailey ( with questions and/or to schedule a visit.

Directions and Parking: For those coming from out of town exit Interstate 10 or 25 at University Ave. From Interstate 10 proceed east 0.5 miles along University Ave, turn right on Espina and left on Horseshoe. From the Interstate 25 follow University Ave west ca. 1.5 miles to Espina and turn left, then left on Horseshoe.

Once on campus, the collection is located in Room 105 of the Biology Annex. The Biology Annex is roughly 200 m east of the main Biology Building (Foster Hall). Campus map including the location of the Biology Annex relative to the NMSU Horseshoe and Foster Hall can be viewed at: . NMSU offers visitors free parking permit through the following website .


Information Requests

In general, all of our label data is available online (see the Database page). For additional information please contact Donovan Bailey .