Biol 447Ornithology / Biol 547 Advanced Ornithology Spring 2011 Home Page


Peter Houde, Instructor

Foster Hall Room 259

646 6019




Lab Practical Hours:

Tuesday 3-5 PM
Wednesday 10-11 AM, 3-5 PM
Thursday 9-10 AM, 2-3:30 PM
Friday 2:30-5 PM
Monday 5/2 due 1 PM at final exam

Click on the links below to access lecture media

Overview of Avian Orders: traditional and evolving.pdf

Overview of Avian Orders (traditional classification with pictures). pdf

Classification 1: Palaeognathae and Galloanserae.pdf

Classification 2: traditional, Gaviiformes to Galliformes pdf

Classification 3: traditional, Gruiformes to Columbiformes pdf

Classification 4: traditional, Psittaciformes to Piciformes pdf

Classification 5: Passeriformes: Acanthisittidae to Paradisaeidae pdf

Classification 6: Passeriformes: Alaudidae to Passeridae pdf

Classification 7: Bombycillidae to Sylviidae pdf

Evolving Classification pdf

Classification 8: Metaves pdf

Skeleton pdf

Avian Evolution 1 pdf

Avian Evolution 2 pdf


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