Biol 350 Human Anatomy  Fall 2014

Peter Houde, Prof. of Biology

Foster Hall Room 259

telephone: 646 6019

office hours - Friday 4:00 - 5:00




Exam 4 is rescheduled for December 1





objectives: tissues, relations, surface anatomy, skeleton, joints, muscles, movements

objectives: body cavities, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems

objectives: urogenital system and inguinal hernias

objectives: nervous system



outline of tissues and relations

outline of skeletal system

skeleton images

outline of cranial nerves and blood vessels related to skull

outline of musculoskeletal system

outline of digestive system

outline of circulatory system

outline of nervous system

outline of eye and ear



The format of the exams will be exactly the same this semester as in previous semesters - all multiple choice.

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Links to Online Resources:

Wikipedia anatomy directory

Gray's Anatomy 40th Ed (account subscription included with textbook)