Biol 467 Evolution     Fall 2015


Peter Houde, Professor of Biology

Foster Hall Room 259

telephone 505 646 6019


office hours: Friday  4:00-5:00 or by appointment



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Exam 2 postponed 1 week, rescheduled for November16

new homework problem set posted 11/9 (below)


 Reading Homework (in addition to text book asignments in Syllabus)

   1) "A case for evolutionary thinking" Chpt 1 from Freeman and Herron's "Evolutionary Analysis"

   2) "Franklin's Lightning-rod" from A. D. White's 1898 "A History of the Warfare of Science with the Theology in Christendom." 

   3) introductory excerpt from D. Ashlock's "Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and Optimization" and "Modeling and Simulation Optimization Using Evolutionary Computation" by E. Núñez   and P. Agarwal

    4) "Epigenetics and microRNAs" by JC Chuang and PA Jones 2007 

    5) "An integrated map of structural variation in 2,504 human genomes" by PH Sudmant et al 2015

   6) Two papers that go together (one is very short): "Intense natural selection in a population of Darwin's finches (Geospiza) in the Galapagos" by PT Boag & PR Grant and "Evolution of Darwin's finches caused by a rare climatic event" by BR Grant & PR Grant 1993


Example Exam Questions


      Exam 2


Study Guides for Exams

      Study Guide for Exam1

      Study Guide for Exam 2

   Homework problem set 1 - for exam 2

   Homework problem set 2 - for exam 2

   Homework problem set 2- solutions

   Homework problem set 3  - for exam 2


Presentations: require Acrobat Reader


    A Case for Evolution - Development of Thought


    Early Vertebrates

    Evolution of Tetrapods

    Evolution of Mammals

    Evolution of Whales

    Evolution of Horses

    Evolution of Birds



      Origins of Variation

   Measuring Evolution

       Random Allelic Variation  

    Nonrandom Allelic Variation


    Human Evolution

Tree of Life youtube video

     video 1

     video 2

Really Amusing Links (these are for real - not jokes!)

    "The earth is not moving" from The Fair Education Foundation, Inc.

    "Franklin's Lightning-rod" from A. D. White's 1898 "A History of the Warfare of Science with the Theology in Christendom." 

    "Project Pterosaur" from  R. Paley & Fellowship University

The True Origin of Man  by Kenneth Smith - this is science, evolution is religion