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Genome Sequencing Progress (updated August 2011):

total 454 bases sequenced >1.658 Gigabases (>1X coverage, 6X in progress)

total Illumina coverage 100X

total 454 shotgun bases assembled >700 Megabases (42% of total sequenced)

total 454 contigs assembled >234.5 Megabases (17.6% of average avian genome)

total Illumina contigs assembled 1.14 Gigabases (82.6% of average avian genome)


454 contigs N50 = 687 bp, largest >20kb

Illumina contigs N50 = 24kb, scaffold N50 = 2.9 Megabases

















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photo credit: Hernan Povedano

This project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation award # DBI_0821806 to P. Houde