Graduate Studies in Ornithology at New Mexico State University


The Vertebrate Museum serves students pursuing the BA, BS,  MS, and PhD degrees through the

Department of Biology and the Department of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences.


Prospective graduate students interested in specializing in ornithology are encouraged to contact

any of our faculty ornithologists.



Marvin Bernstein, Professor of Biology - flight, respiratory and cardiovascular physiology


William Boecklen, Professor of Biology - community ecology and stable isotope analysis


Don Caccamise, Professor of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences


Carol Campbell, Assistant Professor of Geography - biogeography, remote sensing


Martha Desmond, Associate Professor of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences - field ecology


Peter Houde, Professor of Biology - molecular systematics and paleontology


Gary Roemer, Associate Professor of Fishery and Wildlife Science - conservation ecology


Timothy Wright, Assistant Professor of Biology - behavior, systematics of parrots