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Published Abstracts

Nishiguchi, M.K. & C.R. Marshall.  1998.  The taxonomic distribution of middle-repetitive DNA families in camarodont echinoids:  Homoplasy-free phylogenetic data?  PaleoBios 18(3) Supplement, p. 5-6.

Nishiguchi, M.K., E.G. Ruby, and M.J. McFall-Ngai.  1996.  Coevolutionary relationships between sepiolid squid and their bioluminescent bacterial symbionts. Am. Zool 36:  121A.

Nishiguchi, M.K., L Lamarcq, E.G. Ruby, and M.J. McFall-Ngai.  1996.  Competitive dominance of native strain symbiotic bacteria measured by colonization and in situ hybridization.  Am. Zool.  36:  41A.