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The Nishiguchi Lab Alumni

Who What... and When... Where now...
Daniel Aguilar
Theatre and Biology double major, still at NMSU
Roger Alvillar
Biology, in the Nish lab spring semester
Working for the FBI in Washington, DC
Esmeralda Amezquita BS in Microbiology, 2005 Full time High School Teacher. El Paso, TX
Don Sanjiv Ariyakumar MSc in Biology, 2007 Working at the Electron Microscope lab at the University of Nevada, Reno
Anthony Bailey (postbac)
Anthony working at the Natural History Museum of Las Cruces.
Sarah Balizan MS in Biology, 2009 Assistant professor of Biology at NMSU Dona Ana community
college, Las Cruces, NM
Nish Erin Bastian-Punke Working at Texas Tech medical school,
El Paso, TX
Kiefer Bohn

Pursuing a Journalism degree

Johnette Browne-Silva Post Doc. through 2005 Working as a research scientist for the USDA in
Atlanta, GA
Sherri Buerdsell
Now at Dr. Brook Milligan¹s lab in the
Dept. of Biology here at NMSU
Ashley Burris BS in Biology, 2006 In Bloomington, IN working as a PT assistant
David Caballero
Seville, Espana
Nish Wendy Castle Ph.D. Now in Austin, TX working in the molecular sequencing lab at UT Austin
Nish Alba Chavez NIH IRACDA postdoctoral fellow at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Asha Chechani   Now majoring in Accounting at NMSU
Jessica Conklin BA in Biology, 2006 College of Pharmacy. University of New Mexico HSC. Albuquerque, NM
Kara Curley NMSU Biology, RISE program, working in Dr. Martha Desmond's lab
Heather Dahlstrom BA Biology, 2001 Elementary School teacher in Ft. Collins, CO


Lizette Favela

Lizette will start the Med tech program at Colorado Center for Laboratory Medical
Taylor Foreman Off to Vanderbildt for a PhD in iomolecular sciences
Nish Jonathan "Grady" Easterling Now pursuing his theater interests in Las Cruces, NM
Amanda Garcia BS in Biology, 2006 Currently working in El Paso, TX
Anna Garliss Education Abroad in Montpellier, France
Jennifer Gerholdt
BS in Biology, 2004
World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC
Ricardo Guerrero
PhD in Biology, 2009
Postdoctoral research associate Emory University School of Medicine. Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Rebecka Goen BS in Biology, 2006 Currently in medical school, Univ. of Hawaii
Michael Golinski MS in Biology 2002 Postdoctoral research associate, Dalhousie University.
Nish Clayton Gorman
Back in Shiprock, NM
Marissa Griffin BS Microbiology, 2001 University of Florida Medical Tech. School
Jessica Gutierrez BS in Biology, 2009 Currently in Santa Rosa, NM
Lillian Hayner
Nish Krista Heideman
Mow working in Dr. Karen Mabry's laboratory, NMSU Dept. of Biology as a technician
Tanya Henderson BS Biology 2009 Working as a Zumba instructor in Shiprock, NM


Amanda Herrera

Now a full time tech at Texas Tech Medical School
Dr. Jamie Howard
College Assistant Professor at Penn State Abington
Nish David Hogan
B.S. In Microbiology with high honors, with minors in Mathematics, Biology, and Environmental Engineering
Starting a Ph.D. Program at University of Arizona Fall
Emily Holonick
Emily is back in
Danae Hornung
Still at NMSU in Biology
Jennifer Huttenburg BS in Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 2005 University of Wisconsin, Madison PhD program in Microbiology
Nish Anne Jacobs
M.S. In Biology with an emphasis in Business and Biotech
Currently living in Montana
Jeremy Noll
Doing art in Las Cruces
Kevin Lee Off to Univ. of Connecticut for a
PhD in microbiology/
immunology with Spencer!
Bryan Jones PhD Biology, 2005 Scientist at Medtronic, in Dallas Ft. Worth, TX
Charity Lickliter BS Microbiology, 2001 (now Watchman)- practicing physician in AZ
Annie Lindgren MS in Biology 2004 Postdoctoral Research Associate, UC Santa Barbara, CA
Josue Lopez MS in Biology 2004 Resident at Texas Tech Medical Center, El Paso, TX
Rebecca Lopez BS Microbiology, 2002 Postdoctoral research associate at the NIH in Washington, DC
Luis Martinez MS program in Biology In the Navy somewhere in the Pacific

Douglas Miller
Back in Corning NY
Robert Montoya BA pending in Biology Currently living in Albuquerque, NM
Robert Moore BS Molecular Biology, 2000 Whereabouts unknown


Neda Nourabadi Ph.D.

In Baltimore, MD
Amy Nava Still at NMSU
Jenna Painter BS in Microbiology, 2009 Currently in Dental School at Univ. of Oregon
Tim Ryan Paskadi BS in Biology, 2009 Currently teaching HS in El Paso, TX
Anthony Patelunas Now at Univ. of
Connecticut, working on his PhD
Nish Erin Pearcy
B.S. in Biology 2010
Working in Las Cruces, NM as a PA assistant
Morgan Perrone-Vogt
(she's married)
MS in Geology,  2005 Consultant. Souder, Miller and Associates, Las Cruces, NM
TuShun Powers PhD Molecular Biology 2005 Postdoctoral research associate at Western Washington Univ.
Nish Alvaro Quintanal Continuing his B.S. at the University of Sevilla, Spain
Nish Laila Rajabi
M.S. in Biology 2010
Living in El Paso, TX, teaching at EPCC-El Paso Community College
  Currently major in Computer Science
Nish Ferdinand "Bong" Rivera
BS in Biology
Moving to LA to work at Quest Diagnostics in Irvine, CA
Marcelo Rodrigues Postdoctoral Research associate in Vienna, Austria
Schery Umanzor-Rodriguez MSc in Biology, 2008 Currently in San Jose, Costa Rica
Dennise Rodrigo
Now in El Paso, TX
Serena Rogers BS in Wild Life and Fisheries, 2006 MS program in Wildlife and Fisheries, University of Nevada, Reno
Nish Rolando Romero Now in California volunteering at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Sandra Saenz BS Biology, 2002 Currently working in Deming, NM
Michelle Salas Graduated from NMSU in 2013 in Biology
Melanie Sanchez BS Biology, 2001 Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences, University of New Mexico
Melina Sedano
Technician at Texas Tech Medical School in El Paso, TX
Brennon Shay
Playing as a Wide Receiver for the NMSU Aggie football team
Nish Will Soto
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Postdoctoral Research Associate
in the Travisano Lab at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Starla Stevenson BS MicroBiology, 2003 Working in Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Thonkulpitak  
Kira Turnham
At a PhD program at Penn State.
John Strader BS Microbiology, 2000 Tucson Police Academy
Nish Eduardo Trujillo Biology 2010
Living in San Diego, CA
Leticia Varela

Leticia is now in the nursing program at NMSU
Michelle Tsinnajinnie BRIDGES student, 2005 NMSU Shiprock
Kitty Watson BS in Microbiology Technician at Colorado State University, Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Angel Weaver BS program in Biology In the Army in the Middle East
Margie Weaver   Up in Shiprock, NM
Natalie Wells (postbac)
Dr. Becky Williams
Assistant professor of Biology at Utah State
University Uintah Basin Regional Campus in Vernal, Utah
Megan Woodworth BS in Biology, 2008 Location unknown
Nish Daniel Zamborsky Cleveland, Ohio


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