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Book Chapters/Review Articles

Nishiguchi, M.K. 2015. Bobtail squids light the way to study marine mutualisms-Box section 5.3. In: J. Bronstein (ed), Mutualisms- chapter entitled: “Evolution and genetics of mutualism”, Oxford University Press, pp. 87-88.


Nabhitabhata, J. and M.K. Nishiguchi. 2014. Euprymna hyllebergi and Euprymna tasmanica. In: J. Iglesias, R. Villanueva, and L. Fuentes (eds), Cephalopod Culture. Springer, New York, NY. Chpt. 15, pp. 253-271.
Table of Contents

Chapter 15
Euprymna hyllebergi and E. tasmanica. Nabhitabhata & Nishiguchi

Guerrero-Ferreira, R.C. and M.K. Nishiguchi. 2011. Bacterial biodiversity in natural environments. In: J. López-Pujol (ed), Biodiversity/ Book 3. In Tech, Open access publisher.
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Soto, W., C.P. Lostroh, and M.K. Nishiguchi.  2009.  Physiological responses to stress in the Vibrionaceae: Aquatic microorganisms frequently affiliated with hosts.  In: J. Seckbach and M. Grube (eds), Cooperation and stress in Biology.  Springer, New York, NY. 
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Nyholm, S.V. and M.K. Nishiguchi.  2008.  The evolutionary VetMSymbiosisecology of a sepiolid squid-Vibrio association: From cell to environment.  Vie et Milieu 58: 175-184.
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Nishiguchi, M.K., R. DeVinney, A.M. Hirsch, M. Riley, L. Mansky, and G. VetMSymbiosisVendatum.  2008
.  Perspective: Evolution of Virulence: Deciphering the mechanisms between pathogenic and benign symbioses. Vie et Milieu 58: 87-106. Download article

book 24 coverNishiguchi, M.K. and R. Mapes.  2008.  Cephalopoda.  In: W. Ponder and D. Lindberg (eds), Phylogeny and Evolution of the Mollusca.  University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, pp. 163-199.
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book 25 coverNishiguchi, M.K. and B.W. Jones.  2004.  Microbial biodiversity within the Vibrionaceae.  In: J. Seckbach (ed.), Origins, evolution, and the biodiversity of microbial life, Cole-Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp 531-548.
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book 26 coverNishiguchi, M.K.  2002.  The use of physiological data to corroborate cospeciation events in symbiosis.  In: DeSalle, R., W. Wheeler and G. Giribet (eds.), Molecular Systematics and Evolution: Theory and Practice, Birkhäuser, Basel, Germany,  pp 237-46.
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book 27 coverNishiguchi, M.K. P. Doukakis, M. Egan, D. Kizirian, A. Phillips, L. Prendini, H.C. Rosenbaum, E. Torres, Y. Wyner, R. DeSalle, and G. Giribet.  2002.  DNA isolation Protocols.  In:  DeSalle, R., W. Wheeler and G. Giribet (eds.), Techniques in Molecular Systematics and Evolution, Birkhäuser, Basel, Germany, pp 243-81.
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book 27 coverNishiguchi, M.K.  2001.  Co-evolution of symbionts and hosts:  The sepiolid-Vibrio model.  In:  J. Seckbach (ed.), Symbiosis:  Mechanisms and Model Systems, Cole-Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 757-774.
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book 27 coverNishiguchi, M.K., E.G. Ruby, and M.J. McFall-Ngai.  1997.  Phenotypic bioluminescence as an indicator of competitive dominance in the Euprymna-Vibrio symbiosis in Bioluminescence and hemiluminescence, Reporting with Photons from the Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence.  JW Hastings, LJ Kricka, and PE Stanley eds.  John Wiley and Sons, New York, p. 123-6.
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