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FALL 2013

 BIOL 478                                            

Microbial Genetics Course BookBIOL 478 Microbial Genetics
Microbial Genetics (the picture of the book and the syllabus are attached. Click here for Syllabus.
Tu/Th 10:20-11:32 Foster 145

 BIOL 510                         

BIOL 510 Seminars in Biology
Seminars in Biology aka "Professors on Parade". I am not
including a syllabus, because it just a survey of the research in the
Mon 5-6 PM, Foster 146

 BIOL 541                                                  

Microbial Genetics Course BookBIOL 541 Professional Development.
Click here for Syllabus
Every other Tuesday, 4-6 PM, Foster 145