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  Lab Meetings Fall 2016  
10/31 Lizette-J (Nina brings treats)
11/7 Haneen (Lizette brings treats)
11/14 Brian-J (Haneen brings treats)
11/24 Thanksgiving, no meeting
11/28 Apple (Brian brings treats)
12/5 Ale-J (Apple brings treats)

“J” denotes journal discussion….please zip me your choice the week before so I can okay.  This semester we will only look at recent pubs in the squid-Vibrio work from other labs.

  Squid Feeding 2016  
Weekly Feeding Schedule

To be announced

  Birthdays 2016  

Lab News
updated October 30, 2016

To Neda Nourabadi, who successfully defended her Ph.D. this past summer.

To past doctoral student Will Soto, who just started his tenure track job as an Assistant Professor at the College of William and Mary (see his new faculty webpage).

The Sundt Seminar Hawaii trip video

Twelve New Mexico State University students traveled to Hawaii over spring break where they studied various aspects of climate change. The trip was part of the Sundt Honors Seminar course with NMSU Biology Regents Professor Michele Nishiguchi. The Hawaii excursion included lectures by University of Hawaii professors with expertise in various areas, and the students visited the State of Hawaii’s Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR), where coral restoration is being conducted. They also visited The Nature Conservancy, The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Inouye Center and The Hawaiian Seafood Company’s fish auction. The students will present their research projects at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium Friday, April 29. Watch Video

William Conroy Honors College
Honors College students have faculty mentors who are helping them in every academic college. Gifts from alumni and friends provide the resources that make this all happen.
Support the students and programs of the William Conroy Honors College- Click here to download form.

NMSU biology Regents professor to lead Sundt seminar students on Hawaii research trip.
Many New Mexico State University students will probably spend their spring break next year in some tropical location, enjoying the sun and sand. One class of honors students will travel to Hawaii – not to bask in the tropical climate, but to learn about how changes to that climate are affecting corals and the other species that make up the island ecosystem. >> Read Press Release
Watch video about this course

Nish lab on billboard and bus advertisements

Nish lab goes public throughout the state of New Mexico via billboard and bus advertisements for NMSU (the attached picture). Nish with Lizette Favella and Emily Holodnick.

Now on the corner of Stewart and Williams Street on the NMSU campus

  Mega Sym Meetings 2016                                

Foster Hall, Room 231 Thursdays 4pm

11/3  Andew Nelson, University of Arizona
Host: Bailey
Lab Safety Refresher

11/10  Thomas L. Kieft, OSU, New Mexico Institute of Mining
and Technology
Host: Smith
To be Announced

11/17  Woodbridge Foster, OSU Entomology
Host: Hansen
Mosquito Mating and Plant-Feeding: Ongoing Puzzles


12/1  Bret Pasch, Northern Arizona University
Host: Mabry
To be Announced

  Biology Seminar Series 2016                               
231 Foster Hall, Thursdays 4pm
To be announced

  Scientific Meetings 2016                                 

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
January 4-8, 2017, New Orleans, LA
Meeting website

Gordon Research Conference
Animal-Microbe Symbioses
June 11-16, 2017
Registration due May 14, 2017
Meeting website

Society for the Study of Evolution
June 23-27, 2017
Portland, OR
Meeting Website