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  Lab meetings 2015  
Fridays 2:00pm-3:00pm
143 Foster Hall

10/9 Neda (Randy brings treats)
10/16 Brian (Neda brings treats)
10/23 Kevin (Brian brings treats)
10/30 Ale (Kevin brings treats)
11/6 Kira (Ale brings treats)

  Squid Feeding Fall 2015  
Weekly Feeding Schedule

To be announced

  Birthdays 2015  

Lab News
updated OCt 2,2015

NMSU biology Regents professor to lead Sundt seminar students on Hawaii research trip.
Many New Mexico State University students will probably spend their spring break next year in some tropical location, enjoying the sun and sand. One class of honors students will travel to Hawaii – not to bask in the tropical climate, but to learn about how changes to that climate are affecting corals and the other species that make up the island ecosystem. >> Read Press Release
Watch video about this course

Dr Nish joins the Look Who's Dancing Cast for Season 8

Dr. Nish was selected as one of the Look Who's Dancing celebrities for
Season 8 this year at NMSU to support NMSU DanceSport.

Nish lab on billboard and bus advertisements

Nish lab goes public throughout the state of New Mexico via billboard and bus advertisements for NMSU (the attached picture). Nish with Lizette Favella and Emily Holodnick.

Now on the corner of Stewart and Williams Street on the NMSU campus

  Mega Sym Meetings 2015                                

146 Foster Hall Tuesday 6-8 Pm
Will continue in the Spring semester, 2017

  Biology Seminar Series 2015                               
231 Foster Hall, Thursdays 4pm

10/1 Jianjun Titan, NMSU Mathematical Sciences
Host: Lopez
Title: To be announced

10/8 Ian Wallace, University of Nevada, Reno
Host: Indriolo
Title: To be announced

10/15 Jiannong Xu, NMSU Biology
Host: Lopez
Title: Sabbatical work

10/22 Jake Stout, University of Manitoba
Host: Indriolo
Title: To be announced

10/29 Shearer et al., NMSU
Host: EHS
Title: Annual Lab Safety Refresher

11/5 David S Peabody, University of New Mexico
Host: Hanley
Title: To be announced

Scientific Meetings 2015                                 

Cephalopod International Advisory Committee
Hakodate, Japan
November 6-14th

Scientific Meetings 2016                                 

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB)
January 3-7, 2016, Portland, OR

Society for the Study of Evolution
June 17-21, 2016
Austin, TX

International Society of Microbial Ecology (ISME)
Montreal, Canada
August 21-26, 2016