Biology 540  Fall 2001
1 credit
Aug 22 - Oct 3
Wednesdays  3:30 - 5:20 pm
Foster Hall 110

Aug 22 Course Introduction

Ethics and Philosophy


Ethics and the ScientistX

Dr. Tim Cleveland, guest lecturer
Associate Professor of Philosophy
PhD Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: 
   Philosophy of Mind, Contemporary Metaphysics,
    Philosophy of Language

Aug 29
Analytical Frameworks

Scientific Integrity

Analyzing Ethical Dilemmas

Research Integrity and Scientific Misconduct

Sept 5
Scientific Integrity

Analytical Frameworks

Codes of conduct 
Mentoring of Students
Authorship and Peer Review

Conflicting Interests and Collaborative Research

Sept 12 class cancelled  
Sept 19
Scientific Integrity

Analytical Frameworks

Organisms in Research

Ownership of Data and Intellectual Property

Resolving Ethical Conflicts


Sept 26
Environmental Ethics Dr. Laura Foster Huenneke, guest lecturer
Professor of Biology
PhD Cornell University
Research Interests: 
   Plant Community and Population Ecology
Oct 3
Organisms in Research Use of Humans and Animals in Experimentation
Special focus: Stem Cells and Human Cloning
Biological Weapons
National defense and bioterrorism
Oct 10
Genetic Engineering 


Genetic Technology
Human Genome Project
Oct 24 Deadline  Hand in journal and case studies to Dr. Serrano
Exam Week
Class meets for two hours Foster 110 3:30-5:30 pm


Grading: A total of 200 pts may be earned during the course.
In class participation: (75 pts) Based on your contribution to class discussion, activities as session moderator or group leader and evidence of preparedness for class.
Journal assignment: (75 pts) Students will be required to maintain a mini-journal on a topic of their choice during the course. The objective of this assignment is for students to explore their own values and ethics in the context of scientific issues that are raised by media articles, TV programs, science classes, lab exercises, research experiences etc. For details of the journal, click here!  DUE DATE: October 24

Case studies (50 points) Students will be required to write up and turn in an analysis of case studies assigned by the instructor from the textbooks. A cover essay will be part of this assignment.  For details of the case studies click here!  DUE DATE: October 24

Late assignments. 10% of the total points will be deducted for each week the assignment is late. Assignments will not be accepted if handed in more than 2 weeks after the due date.
Attendance: Debate and discussion are essential components of this class, therefore, students are expected to attend all classes.
25 points will be deducted from your overall points for each unexcused absence.
Grade Scale:
A 180-200 pts
B 160-179 pts
C 140-159 pts
D 120-139 pts
F < 120 pts
S (Satisfactory) requires a B-
Note: The grade scale may be curved at the end of the semester at the discretion of the instructor.
Important dates:
Oct 24 Journal and case studies due
Exam week Class will meet for one hour; time TBA
GUIDELINES FOR CLASS DISCUSSION: During the semester, many opinions will be voiced in the class. You may strongly disagree with some of these, or you may find them amusing. Outbursts can be misinterpreted or counterproductive to meaningful and thoughtful debate. Therefore, it is important that you exercise self-discipline and self-control, and treat all members of the class with the courtesy that you are entitled to receive in turn. The key words are: respect and courtesy. Thank you!

SYLLABUS MODIFICATION: The instructor reserves the right to modify this syllabus during the semester as considered necessary to enhance the quality of the instruction, to meet the needs of students in the class and to achieve course objectives. Any changes to the syllabus [or to the course schedule] will be announced in class and you are responsible for being aware of them.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have or believe you have a disability, you may wish to self-identify. You can do so by providing documentation to the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities, located at Garcia Annex (phone 646-6840). Appropriate accommodations may then be provided for you.

XEROX and/or BACKUP all assignments before submitting them to the instructor.

SAVE xeroxes of all graded assignments and exams from this course at least until you have received your final grade.


XEROX and/or BACKUP all assignments before submitting them to the instructor.

SAVE xeroxes of all graded assignments and exams from this course at least until you have received your final grade.