Serrano NeuroLab

at New Mexico State University


We welcome you to the portal webpage for Dr. Elba Serrano's Neuroscience Laboratory in the Biology Department at New Mexico State University. Our laboratory is located in the Chihuahuan Desert in the town of Las Cruces, New Mexico, about 50 miles north of the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border metroplex.

Our lab pursues several lines of research that share a common biophysical theme: the role of membrane ion channels in the reception and transduction of mechanical and chemical stimuli. Our interest in mechanotransduction is furthered through studies of the organogenesis of the mechanosensory systems for hearing and balance that reside in the biomechanical marvel we call the inner ear. Our interest in neurotherapeutics has prompted us to engineer neural cells in tissue culture to study neural regeneration and the effects of medicinal plant compounds on membrane channels. Lab members develop independent projects that integrate methods from genetics, informatics, computation, bioengineering, anatomy, and physiology. Students with interests in the physical and mathematical sciences, neuroethics, science policy, research education, and the intersection between art and science are especially welcome.

Our research efforts are furthered through collaborations with colleagues in the Cell Decisions Processes Center (MIT, MA), at CINT , and UCSD NIF.

Contact: Elba Serrano serrano AT nmsu DOT edu