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November 2016
The Fall 2016 Psittascene includes a piece by Tim and Chris Dahlin describing our expedition to resurvey vocal dialects of the yellow-napes amazon in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, along with an entertaining travelblog except by Dom Hellmich.

April 2016
The Psittascene features excerpts of Parrots of the Wild and the podcast interview by Charlie Moore with Tim discussing the book. (PDF)

March 2016
Our work on parrot vocal learning is profiled in a photo spread on budgerigars in the National Geographic magazine’s March 2016 issue (PDF)

February 2016
The Wright Lab’s work and Parrots of the Wild are discussed in a lovely article on parrot behavior by Natalie Angiers that appeared in the New York Times Science Times.

December 2015
Tim is interviewed for article on African parrot trade in Wall Street Journal and published follow-up Letter to the Editor.

November 2015
Parrots of the Wild is released! See NMSU Press Release and cool podcast at the World Parrot Trust’s website.





August 2015
Tim is interviewed for Audubon online article Why do Parrots Talk?

October 2014
Marcelo’s paper with Alejandro Rico-Guevara in Behavioral Ecology on hummingbird bills as daggers is selected as an Editor’s Choice and is featured in ScienceNews and other media outlets

September 2014
Liz’s paper in Auk on monk parakeet sociality featured in ScienceNow “Complex Social Lives Gave Parrots Big Brains

June 2014
Our collaborative work on monk parakeets is mentioned in a feature on invasive bird species in Science. [link] on

February 2014
Marcelo Araya Salas featured on National Geographic's Website
Marcelo Araya Salas's work with the long-billed hermit in Costa Rica is featured on the National Geographic Society's website

November 2013
A collaboration between students and professors
in NMSU Biology Department, Klipsch School of Computer and Electrical Engineering and the Manufacturing, Technology and Engineering Center produce a first generation of RFID-triggered smartfeeders for hummingbirds".
Read more @ Las Cruses Sun News Article >>

PBS Nature documentary 'Parrot Confidential' Premieres on Wed Nov 13
See article describing Tim's role as a consultant on the film

September 2012
Work by The Wright Lab and Jeremy Kirchman

at the New York State Museum provides the first molecular evidence of the evolutionary relationships of the extinct Carolina parakeet. See the excellent blog by Grrl Scientist in the Manchester Guardian"

CARTA - Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (Carta website)

In this edition of CARTAs Human and Non-Human Culture Series, two renowned researchers, Woods Holes Peter Tyack and former UCSD post-graduate Timothy Wright discuss fascinating discoveries about the languages of Parrots and Dolphins. Nova Parrot Confidential (view Youtube video)

Parrot Conservation
Interview on NPR's All Things Considered, 2001 discussing nest poaching of Neotropical parrots for the pet trade.
Click to listen