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The Wright Lab :: New Mexico State University

Student Opportunities

Dr. Wright with with student at a waterfall in Costa Rica.

I welcome inquiries from students at all levels interested in training positions in the Wright Lab in the fields of avian communication and evolution.

I currently do not have any funded postdoc positions open in the lab, but I welcome inquiries by students willing to explore external funding opportunities.

Graduate Students
I welcome inquiries from accomplished and motivated students ready to develop their own projects relating to my core areas of interest. Funding is available through TA positions in the Department of Biology and through RA positions when funded by external grants. Current and past students have also received fellowship support from the EPA, CONACyT (Mexico), the Graduate School at NMSU, the HHMI Scientific Teaching Program at NMSU, and the Bureau of Land Management. Other possible source of funding include the NSF-funded New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (NM-AMP) and the NIH funded Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancementt (RISE) program for minority biomedical research.

I have had many undergraduates working in the lab and welcome inquiries from students interested in research experiences in animal behavior and/or genetics. Most students begin as field or lab assistants for ongoing projects, either for pay or for research credits.

Many continue on to develop their own independent research projects. Please contact me if you are interested working in the lab. I also encourage students who are interested in research opportunities in my lab or others at NMSU to investigate the NMSU-HHMI Hughes Scholars Programs, the NSF-funded New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (NM-AMP), the the NIH funded Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC), NIH-funded NMSU-U.Colorado Denver BRAiN Program in Neuroscience, and the Natural Resources Career Tracks Program.

Dr. Wright with 2006 Howard Hughes Scholars Daniel Acosta, Shandean Jefferson and Jennifer Currier.

Tawni Voyles, Jemima Perez and Esteban Lucero relax after their poster presentations at the SfN meetings in San Diego in Nov 2013

Tim Wright and PhD student Marcelo Araya-Salas at La Selva, Costa Rica