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The Wright Lab :: New Mexico State University


Dr. Wright teaches a range of courses in the areas of animal behavior, evolution and scientific communication.

ABS Alaska

BIOL 101

Human Biology: introductory biology for non-majors; Syllabus Spring 2012
Syllabus SPring 2012

BIOL 111
Natural History of Life: Introductory biology for majors.
Syllabus Fall 2010

BIOL 322
Zoology: A survey of animal diversity.
Syllabus Fall 2013

BIOL 309
Guided Biological Research Lab: An introduction to mentored laboratory research for the early-career biology major.
Syllabus Spring 2016

BIOL 402
Biology Honors Thesis: An introduction to scientific writing for HHMI Research Scholars.
Syllabus Fall 2013

BIOL 480
Animal Behavior: Principles of animal behavior. Includes paper discussions and written grant proposals.
Syllabus Spring 2016

BIOL 484
Animal Communication: Advanced undergraduate/graduate course on the production, perception, function and evolution of animal signals. Inicludes paper discussions and group projects.
Syllabus Spring 2017

BIOL 587
Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology: graduate-level course on historical thought and current topics in behavioral and evolutionary ecology. Includes field/lab work and paper discussions. Co-taught with Dr. K. Hanley in 2009.
Syllabus Spring 2009

BIOL 450/550
Tropical Field Ecology: introduction to terrestrial and marine field ecology in Belize or Costa Rica
Syllabus Spring 2014

BIOL 450/550
BEEST: A student seminar series in Behavior Ecology Evolution Systematics and Taxonomy.
Syllabus BEEST Spring 2014

See video of field course in Belize.
The official course webpages are available in Canvas.

Zoology fossil-hunting field trip in the Robledo Mountains, Fall 2009

Student on a hike in Costa Rica.