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New Mexico State University
  Graciela A. Unguez, PI


Contact Information:
   Department of Biology New Mexico State University
     PO Box 30001, MSC 3AF
     Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
    Phone: (575) 646-7963

 Post-doctoral work: University of Texas at Austin
 PhD: University of California at Los Angeles
  MS: University of California at Los Angeles
  BS: University of California at Los Angeles

Current CV

Research Interests:
Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, Motor Systems



Course (level)  

  • Being a Scientist: Critical & Creative Thinking 
  • Cell Biology (3rd yr)                     
    Cellular and Organismal Biology (1st yr)    
  • Cell and Organismal Seminar (4th yr)              
  • Human Physiology (2nd  yr)            
  • Independent Research (4th yr)
  • Neurobiology (4th yr)


  • Advanced Neurobiology           
  • Being a Scientist: Critical & Creative Thinking                          
  • Cell and Organismal Seminar            
  • Independent Research                                       
  • Neurobiology                                 
  • University Teaching Experience

Committee Service:

2003 - 2005:  Grant Review Panelist, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
2001 - 2004:  American Society for Cell Biology Linkage Fellow
2001 - 2003:  Grant Review Panelist, Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program

Scientific Societies:

Society for Developmental Biology                     
Society for Neuroscience                                      
International Society for Neuroethology            
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology  
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Selected Publications:
  • Cuellar, H., Kim, J.A. and Unguez, G.A.  (2006).  Evidence of post-transcriptional regulation in the maintenance of a
    partial muscle phenotype by electrogenic cells of S. macrurus.  FASEB Journal.  PDF
  • Smith, T.S., Unguez, G.A. and Weber, C.M.  (2006).  Distribution of Kv1-like potassium channels in the electromotor and electrosensory systems of the weakly electric fish Apternotus leptorhynchus.  Journal of Neurobiology; 66:1011-1031.
  • Lubischer, J.L., Unguez, G.A., Pierotti, D.J. and Edgerton, V.R. (2005).  Reinnervation of the rat levator ani muscle after neonatal denervation.  Journal of Neurobiology; 63:188-198. PDF
  • Kim, J.A., Jonsson, C.B., Calderone, T. and Unguez G.A.  (2004).  Transcription of MyoD and myogenin in the non-contractile electrogenic cells of the weakly electric fish S. macrurus.  Development, Genes, and Evolution. 214:380-392. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A. and Zakon, H.H.  (2002).  Skeletal muscle transformation into electric organ in S. macrurus depends on innervation.  Journal of Neurobiology, 53:391-402. PDF
  • Smith, G.T., Unguez, G.A. and Reinauer, R.M. Jr.  (2001).  NADPH-diaphorase activity and nitric oxide synthase-like immunoreactivity colocalize in the electromotor system of four species of gymnotiform fish.  Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 58:122-136. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A., Talmadge, R.J., Dalponte, D., Roy, R.R. and Edgerton, V.R.  (2000).  Distinct myosin heavy chain isoform transitions in developing slow and fast cat hindlimb muscles.  Cells, Tissues and Organs.  167 (2-3): 138-152. PDF
  • Zakon, H.H. and Unguez, G.A.  (1999).  Invited Review: Development and regeneration of the electric organ.  Journal of Experimental Biology.  202: 1427-1434. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A. and Zakon, H.H.  (1998)  Reexpression of myogenic proteins in mature electric organ following removal of neural input.  Journal of Neuroscience  18: 9924-9935. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A. and Zakon, H.H.  (1998).  Phenotypic conversion of distinct muscle fiber populations to electrocytes in a weakly electric fish.  Journal of Comparative Neurology   399: 20-34. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A., Roy, R.R. and Edgerton, V.R.  (1996).  Absence of a redistribution of fiber types following reinnervation of adult muscle.  Muscle and Nerve, 19: 1320-1327. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A., Roy, R.R., Pierotti, D.J., Bodine-Fowler, S. and Edgerton, V.R.  (1994).  Further evidence of incomplete neural control of motor unit properties after reinnervation.  American Journal of Physiology (Cell Phys.),  268:  527-534. PDF
  • Unguez, G.A., Bodine-Fowler, S., Roy, R.R., Pierotti, D.J.. and Edgerton, V.R.  (1993).  Evidence of incomplete neural control of motor unit properties in cat tibialis anterior after self-reinnervation.  Journal of Physiology (London),  472: 103-125. PDF
  • Bodine-Fowler, S., Unguez, G.A., Armstrong, A., Roy, R.R. and Edgerton, V.R.  (1993)  Innervation patterns in the cat tibialis anterior six months after self-reinnervation.  Muscle and Nerve,  16: 379-391.
  • Edgerton, V.R., Roy, R.R., Bodine-Fowler, S., Pierotti, D., Unguez, G.A., Martin, T.P., Jiang, B. and Chalmers, G.R.  (1990)  Motoneuron-muscle fiber connectivity and interdependence.  In Dynamic State of Muscle Fibers.  ed. D. Pette, pp. 217-231.  Walter de Gruyter, New York.
  • Schneider, J.S., Unguez, G.A., Yuwiler, A., Berg, S.C. and Markham, C.  (1988)  Deficits in operant behavior in monkeys treated with N-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP).  Brain,  11: 1265-1285.
  • Unguez, G.A. and Schneider, J.S.  (1988)  Dopaminergic dorsal raphe neurons in cat and monkeys are sensitive to the toxic effect of MPTP.  Neuroscience Letters,  94: 218-223.